Tim Richmond takes a bite of “English-ness”.

Love Bites is a terrific name for a series of photographs. Tim Richmond’s photographs are just as terrific. After seeing the series on Tim’s website, I had a few questions. My questions and Tim’s answers are below.

From Tim’s website:
“… Love Bites series (2010-onwards) continues to document a fading strand of ‘English-ness”…

Tim Richmond

PW: What was the genesis of the series?
TR: I started the series Love Bites in 2010 and decided to concentrate on a geographical proximity to my country house in the West of England. The area is a part of the Bristol Channel. I shall shoot for another year or so.
PW: In your write-up about the series you mention ”English-ness”. Could you please expand on the term for our American audience?
TR: The “English-ness” that I am documenting is my “filter” on the region that encompasses landscapes, interiors, portraits from pole dancers to boxers to cross dressers, and shop fronts…in fact anything that goes across my radar with the idea that these images combine to create a version of the truth about a part of England today.
Love Bites is the English word for “hickey” that I imagined when I started the project that two teenagers would be wearing proudly at a bus stop sheltering from the rain whilst sharing a bottle of cider. As I said photographs for me are an extension of cinema and the ability to trigger ideas of a narrative possibility.

You can see more of Love Bites and other great work by Tim here.

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